Pure Australian White Beeswax

Beeswax Tealight Candles
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australian beeswax candles
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Tealight candles are hand-poured to order
Please allow 3-4 business days before your order is posted.


Natural Tealight Candles
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Beeswax tealights/candles burn LONGER, BRIGHTER and CLEANER than any other candle.

They give off a stunning bright rich light, like no other wax can.

Once you try beeswax candles, you will never want to use any other candles.


Beeswax is the most healthy form of wax.  A natural ionizer with a beautiful honey essence!


Willows Scentials Beeswax Tealights come in 2 types

bare with 1 re-usable glass tealight holder  that will fit in with all decor's.

For home, office, meditation, yoga, spiritual & religious occasions. 

Your Tealight candles require to be in tealight holder when burning 1 free glass holder included with every pack


Use for a beautiful display, or for your oil burner.

See our Wax Melts page for our stunning scented, or essential oil beeswax melts

OR in Clear Cups which can be re-used.

Each tealight weighs approx 18g

H: 2 cm

W: 3.5 cm


Willows Tealights burn for approx 4- 5 hours each (keep away from drafts)

Made with Pure Australian White Beeswax (not cheap imported wax) and cotton wicks.


Add warmth and beauty to any room with these stunning beeswax, gentle natural honey scent tealights!

~ free from palm, soy & paraffin ~

A gorgeous display, or handy to have for those dreaded blackouts ~ great as emergency candles

Perfect gift!

Everyone needs a pack of these candles in their home ..

Beeswax Candles
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Premium Australian-made Beeswax Candles & Body Soap. 

Willows Scentials is an Australian online marketplace of scented candles, essential oil candles, beeswax candles, wax melts,

and specialty soaps

All handmade in Melbourne, Australia

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