Made with Pure BEESWAX


Handmade in Australia

Our beautiful candles are made using the highest quality non-toxic wax ~ beeswax, and natural lead-free cotton wicks..

Quality handmade beeswax candles .


No cheap imports ~ supporting Australian Beekeepers


Available in 100g or 160g Amber Jars 

Beeswax candles burn


than any other candle,

including vegetable/soy waxes.

~ free from palm, soy & paraffin ~ 

The cost to purchase beeswax is at least 5X more than Soy Wax,, and the    quality of beeswax is much more superior than of all of the other waxes .             aromatherapy Candles

Meditation Candles

All of our candles are custom made to order - please allow up to 3 business days for candles to be posted.

Fragrance Candles


Quality handmade beeswax candles.

Add ambience and light to your home.

Beeswax candles have long been known for their air purifying effects.

Beeswax Candles are said to be natural ionisers, as well as harmonizing and balancing the human spirit.

​Our quality essential oils blended with the charming mild release of natural honey, create inspiring aromas that only beeswax candles can provide.

Just exquisite!
Purify, cleanse, improve air quality, and invigorate the body with Australian Beeswax Candles.

Our candles are made from pure beeswax, smell fabulous whilst emitting a natural honey aroma which only gets accentuated when mixed with the essential oils.

We provide naturally unscented, essential oil and fragrance beeswax candles.

. Our Essential Oil Candles are made with Pure Essential Oils .  All of our Candles are 100% pure Australian white beeswax, no other cheap wax blends.

Are Essential Oils in candles toxic?

There are essential oils which are considered to be non-toxic but can have a toxic effect on some people.

Eg: Infants, young children or older people, or medical conditions. 

Some essential oils are dangerous to pets when inhaled in their pure form.

Candles made with essential oils are usually scented up to 10% of essential oils, so they are diluted and considered safe.

Each listing has a description of essential oils, so that those who may have an allergy or reaction to any essential oils are well informed.

Please check listing if you suffer allergies to any essential oils.

Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy, please refer to your GP for further information.

We do not make claims that essential oils will treat health problems or improve well-being.

Should you have any concerns about your health please refer to your GP.

Essential oil Candles are a natural alternative to our scented candle range as the fragrance in scented candles is man made.

Beeswax candles are more expensive than other candles as the cost

for beeswax is 5x higher than other waxes.

You are paying for quality. Australian Beeswax is the best wax you can buy.

If the quantity you require is not showing please contact me

Candles should always be kept on a heat resistant surface and away from children and pets.
Candles become hot to the touch when lit.  Avoid handling your candle until cool.

Follow our burn tips on our page

Australian Essential Oil Candles

Scents that touch the senses, mind & soul 

Made with Pure Australian Beeswax


Essential oil Candles Australia 

Post Australia Wide, free delivery to Eltham3095

Free delivery to Eltham 3095
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Repurpose your jars as a planter for your succulents, pencil holder or for your beeswax tealights!



Candles & Melts are made from Pure Australian Beeswax

We do not buy from Australian companies who purchase their cheap beeswax from oversea's. 

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Australian Made & Owned

Essential Oil Candles of Australia