20 Beeswax Tealight Candles  - Made from Pure Australian Beeswax, no other wax blends,
cotton wick, PLUS 1 glass tealight candle holder included.

Refills must be used with glass holder, or in our clear cups.

These are bare without casing (aluminum or clear cups). You must use the glass holder supplied.

Additional glass tealight candle holders may be purchased if you wish to have more.

If you have clear tealight cups they will fit into those also.


If you are using our himalayan salt tealight holders or selenite holders, you do need clear cups, as the glass holder is too big.

20 Tealight Candles in clear cups can be purchased in another listing. 


*Australian white beeswax*

Approx 18g each, W: 3.5cm H: 2cm
Approx 4-5hrs burn time each

Glass holder to be used with tealights
(Comes presented in box shown)

Beeswax Tealight Candles Refills (20 Pack) & 1 Glass Tealight Holder