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Australia's Best Online Selection of Quality Scented Candles​
made with Australian beeswax

Willows Scentials scented candles are handmade in Melbourne, Australia, using only the highest quality wax available on the market,

 Australian beeswax, and all natural lead-free cotton wicks.


Candles are special, as scents have a way of touching the senses, mind & soul. Whether you want to set the romance, relax, or feel invigorated, we have all the fragrances here for you! Together with the flicker of the golden flame, creates a special feel of calm.

We pride ourselves in creating quality candles made using Australian products.


There is a candle for everyone with over 100 fragrances available.

From fruity, fresh, woody, sweet and floral scents, to musk and specialized smells of destination places, you will find your own calming scents to indulge, relax and enjoy.

 Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or just wanting to treat yourself, with so many scents I am sure you will find the perfect scented candle right here.

Beeswax scented candles burn LONGER, BRIGHTER and CLEANER than other candles, including vegetable/soy wax candles

- free from palm, soy & paraffin .  100% PURE AUSTRALIAN WHITE BEESWAX!  

No cheap imports - supporting Australian Beekeepers. 

All of our scented candles are custom made to order - please allow up to 3 business days for  candles to be posted.