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Uplifting Scented Melts - 1 Pack of 5 snap off bars.


Uplifting Pure Essential Oil Blend is a rejuvenating pick-me-up.

This highly stimulating blend energises the central nervous system, invigorating and strengthening where there is weakness and exhaustion. Contains the essential oils clary sage, aniseed, peppermint, lemongrass, bergamot, peppermint and grapefruit, and base notes cedarwood and heliotrope. 


Colours matched to suit scent - may vary from time to time, no 2 are the same as are all handpoured.

1 pack of melts consists of 5 snap off bars.

Approx 50g

Made with Pure Australian Beeswax Coconut Wax.

The best wax available!


Best Scented Aroma Melts Australia


Uplifting Wax Melts

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