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A perfect gift with a personalised message.

Great for Birthday, Wedding, Special gift, friend or just to tell someone you care.


(Please ensure spelling is correct, thank you).

Amber Jar x 1 - 160g


Made with Pure Australian Beeswax and a little Coconut Wax for best scent throw

Best Wax Available!


Personalised Scented Message Candles

Handmade Melbourne, Australia

(approx 8cm H x 6cm) 

Further information: 
We see some funny messages that give us quite a giggle, and love seeing what you guys create.
Unfortunately any suggestive, violence, racist, profane requests or anything that defames a person or organisation will be rejected. Your candle will be refunded, no questions asked. 

Personalised Message Scented Candle (Option 4)

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