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Beeswax direct from the Beekeeper

Candles & Melts are made from Pure Australian Beeswax

Free delivery to Eltham & Research 3095  

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Willows Scentials is the manufacturer of scented candles, essential oil candles, wax melts, beeswax candles & olive oil soap.
Premium hand & body soap, and home fragrance,
Australian-made & owned.
Beeswax candles melbourne
SCENTED CANDLES  MELBOURNE .  SYDNEY  QUEENSLAND candles .  Melbourne Candles . PERTH candles .  ADELAIDE candles . AUSTRALIA 

Willows Scentials has an extensive range of Australian Candles & Soap

  All handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

Extensive range of Pure Beeswax Candles

Large variety of Scented Candles & wax melts made using quality fragrances and Australian Beeswax

You can also personalise your scented candles or create a message candle.

Our Natural Candles & Wax Melts are made with pure Essential oils. 

All made with pure Australian Beeswax.

Quality Olive Oil Soap, free from palm oil & cruelty free!

Honey Soap . Castile Soap . Soap Balls . Goats Milk Soap

Made locally in Australia.

Shop Local,

Shop Australian Made.​​​​

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