Pink Sugar Dupe Perfume Oil 

fruity top notes of strawberry, raspberry and citrus with indulgent vanilla and white musk. A beautifully rounded medley that will leave you wanting more!


Perfect for pocket, handbag or desk drawer for quick and easy application. 

Alcohol free, cruelty free & vegan 

Presented in 10ml glass roll on bottle, with white label.

Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, fragrance.


  • Usage instructions: Apply your perfume to pulse points.

These areas are exactly where you should roll on your scent.
Pulse point areas are inside of your elbows, the nape of your neck, your wrists and the backs of your knees. These area's react with the natural fluctuations in your body temperature and in turn emit your scent throughout the day.


  • Don’t rub your perfume in. Lightly dab your pulse points together if you need to, or just let it be. It’s how perfume lasts longer.
  • Always patch test before use and in the rare event irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. 


*This is a perfume oil interpretation and is not the original perfume. Names, trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and designers . e have no affiliation with these manufacturers and designers. Our interpretations of fragrances and descriptions are to give our customers an idea of scent character and are not meant to mislead or confuse customers into thinking that they are the original scents.There is no intent to infringe on the manufacturer's / designer's name and valuable trademark.





Pink Sugar Dupe Perfume Oil