Mixed Blend Olive Oil Soap x 1

(Added Eucalyptus & Orange)

Mixed Blend means just that!
It is different types of our olive oil soaps put together and rebatched as 1.

This bar of soap is just like the others, made with pure olive oil, however it does not have just 1 scent, but many. It could have different soap safe colours, white clay, kaolin clay, black clay, or could also have poppy seeds and/or oats (we use this in soaps for a light exfoliating effect).

It could have some of these ingredients or even all. And this is why we sell it at such a low price.

We do not want to waste the good stuff, so we rebatch it.

This is still quality soap, but pretty much a bitsa everything ;)

This soap will come in plain packaging,  without ingredients label (see ingredients below).


Handmade with 100% Pure Olive Oil.
Palm Oil Free.


Could be some of below/or all....
Ingredients: Saponified olive oil, fragrances &/or essential oils, poppy seeds, soap safe colours, clays, oats.
We have added Eucalyptus & Orange to this soap so this gives an indication of the aroma, you may get the background of other scents coming through whilst showering.


The colour of the soap will vary from each batch, photo is of some of our rebatched, your soap may not look like this colour.

Weighs min 150g

Handmade/Handcut - Variations in colour, size and pattern may occur.

No 2 are the same.  

Photographs also may not accurately represent colours due to computer monitor, however the skin loving goodness of extra virgin olive oil is in every single soap!


Gentle on all skin types.

Mixed Blend Soap 2 ~ Olive Oil Soap (Min 150g) (Euc/Orange)