Triple Scented Candles

Are Willows Scentials Candles Triple Scented?

Our Candles have the maximum strength fragrance that is allowed per weight of each candle.

We do not use the wording "Triple Scented Candles" to market our candles.

“Triple scented” candle implies that it has three times the fragrance.

For this to be true then all other candles on the market must only have 1/3 of suggested fragrance amount.

Whilst I don’t doubt some manufacturers may scrimp on fragrance, generally speaking they don't, which I feel makes the triple scented claim misleading to the consumer.

A ‘triple scented’ candle is a candle that has used the maximum strength.

You cannot put triple the suggested amount into a candle, as it will not burn correctly, or efficiently.

Willows Scentials candles are ‘fully scented’, burn correctly and efficiently for a perfect burning candle, and of course, let's not forget, with a great scent throw!

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