Love Our Bee's

Bees are so important to us all no matter where we live on the planet. Not only are they wonderful for supplying Willows Scentials with the fabulous wax that makes my wonderful beeswax candles, they pollinate our food; vegetables, berries and fruit in our backyards, community gardens, orchards and farms.

Our Beeswax Comes from Australia - Supporting our Australian Bee Farmers, and Australian Bee's.

Bees are easily amongst the most important insects to humans on Earth.

These humble, buzzing bugs (that I was once so terrified of as a child), deserve a massive thank you – they help provide us with our favorite fruits and vegetables, their delicious honey, and beautiful, flowery gardens, and of course, lets not forget BEESWAX!

In the process of foraging for food, bees are designed to pollinate. If you watch a female honeybee or bumblebee on a flower, you will see she has balls of pollen on her back legs. These are collected in her pollen baskets which she takes back to the nest to feed the young after fertilising the flowers. For solitary bees, the pollen collects on the hairs on their abdomen.

As the poet Kahlil Gibran beautifully put it:

“To the bee, a flower is the fountain of life, and to the flower, the bee is a messenger of love.”

Have a Beeutiful day!

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