Natural Soap

French Style Block Soap

Multipurpose Soap ~ Safe for Body & Dishes!

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These soaps are made in very small batches in Melbourne, Australia, using the finest oils.
Our soap cubes vary from bar to bar & naturally colored by clays.

Inspired by "Savon de Marseille" soaps, that can be found throughout France which are used for laundry, cleaning, hand washing, and bathing.

For centuries, Savon de Marseille has been used to clean everything.

A block at the sink for cleaning dishes or to bathe.

Made in the traditional square blocks, you can rub the soap block using a sea sponge in shower/bath.

The lather is so good that it is also great for shaving!

Made with Pure Olive oil to condition your skin, a little coconut oil & castor bean oil for rich creamy lather, clay & essential oils.

The natural glycerine which is a by-product of the soap making process is retained in our soaps, producing a luxurious quality soap.


French Green - Oily skin

Pink Clay - Stressed and sensitive skin

Blue Cambrian - Mature or oily skin

Yellow - All skin types

Pine Tar Soap

Ideal for combo/oily and acne-prone complexions. It is said that pine tar is suitable and may assist eczema, psoriasis,

and other dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed skin conditions. Helps to remove dirt, oil, dead skin cells and clears pores. 

Activated charcoal can help cleanse and detoxify your skin

Emollient and conditioning, Olive Oil protects the skin while at the same time letting it breathe, and maintain its natural moisture levels.

It is said the benefits of olive oil soaps are countless ~  helping with anti-aging, acne, stretch-marks, and aiding to reduce the occurrence of dry skin.

Many Soaps contain Animal Fats (lard/tallow), and I wanted to create my own humane cruelty-free soap, with the gorgeous french soap look.

. All handmade .

. Palm Oil Free & Cruelty Free .

Mild and gentle soap that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth,while helping to retain it`s natural moisture.

Fragrance Soaps

Inspired by the traditional

Savon de Marsielle soaps of France

Utility Soap  ~ Safe for Body & Dishes!

Essential Oil Soaps, natural skincare.

Vegan  & Palm Oil Free  

Australian Natural Soap 

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